Gemma Collins in EPIC diva meltdown on The Crystal Maze: 'Stop the game!'

Emma Powell

If there is one thing you should never ask Gemma Collins, it’s whether or not she wants to play a game.

The reality TV diva was “f****** gamed out” three years ago, but Channel 4 decided to invite her to join a team of celebs for The Crystal Maze – and predictably she had a diva meltdown.

Collins threatened to walk out after taking on a challenge in the futuristic zone which required her team mates Carol Vordeman, Rick Edwards and Ellie Taylor to guide her through a virtual landscape littered with traps.

She fell into some difficulty after Edwards tried to get her to step over a ‘moving saw’ – but she ended up stepping into it.

“Tell me where and how big a step forward,” she shouted. “You’re letting me down! This is not rocket science.”

As a result she went back to the beginning, only to fall at the first hurdle after catching her head while trying to duck below a moving bar.

Maze Master: Richard Ayoade (Channel 4)

“Tell the producer they’ve got to sort it out,” she said. “No, hang on, stop the game.”

Maze Master Richard Ayoade couldn’t resist mocking her outburst, saying “it’s amazing, even in grid form you’ve got mugged off” before later adding: “I’m so frightened of Gemma.”

Thankfully she managed to collect the crystal and avoid being locked in with four seconds to spare – but her team mates were given an ear bashing.

“You was messing up, you can’t say, you know twice on the red, you had to measure that big step going forward because your big step and my big step might be all different,” she said. “I could have done that in one.”

Despite the turbulent time inside the challenge, Collins told fans she “loved loved loved” that she came and “CONQUERED to everyone’s surprise”.

“This is definitely one to watch ..... @channel4 you defo got more then you bargained for! Put this in your diary’s it’s going to be EPIC,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Being my childhood favourite show I gave it my all fantastic outcome and defo a few concerns when I said I was going to be team captain but I came and I CONQUERED to everyone’s surprise. The Chanel even called the next day to thank me I actually loved loved loved this game. #tvgold.”

The Crystal Maze is on Channel 4, Friday at 8pm