Gemma Collins finally voted out of 'Dancing on Ice' - but which celebrity dropped their partner?


Gemma Collins has finally left Dancing on Ice after being in the bottom two for the first time.

The Towie star has had a rough ride in the ITV show, falling out with judge Jason Gardiner live on air, attracting criticism for her diva antics, and falling flat on her face during a skate.

But Collins’ number was finally up when she found herself in the skate-off for the first time against Ryan Sidebottom and Brandee Malto.

Her nemesis Gardiner couldn’t resist one last dig, saying as he voted her out: “It is very easy for me to say this and it gives me great pleasure to say that I will be saving Ryan and Brandee.”

Collins seemed completely unsurprised at the news, and before Sidebottom had even skated she said of her efforts: “We haven’t practised (the skate-off routine) for weeks. I really feel bad, Saira (Khan) went last week, I really need to go now.

“I’m exhausted as well.”

Many of the show’s fans weren’t very sorry to see Collins go.

Her friends had some kinder words for her though, including boyfriend James “Arg” Argent who labelled her the Reality Queen.

Even Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood had given her some encouragement earlier in the show.

After hearing the result, she said: “I just want to bail out gracefully now, it’s time to let them all go on.”

Asked whether she would carry on skating, she replied: “Probably not.

“I have enjoyed working on my fitness, that is definitely something I want to keep up.

“And I’m taking (partner Matt Evers) to Gucci to get you a bag, you’ve been amazing.”

The reality star had an odd week in which she got a shaman to bless the ice rink, and took time out of training for a relaxing spa day.

Despite clearly trying much harder with the content of her routine and looking much happier, the judges remained unimpressed.

Luckily though, Collins managed to avoid recreating this fall from the dress rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Brian McFadden has been suffering with shoulder and back injuries that threatened to end his time in the competition during the week, and he began his skate with a stumble before dropping Alex Murphy on the ice just before the routine’s finish.

Early in the competition, the former Westlife star had his knuckles rapped by the judges for dropping Murphy on the way out of a lift, but he managed to do exactly the same thing in tonight’s (February 10) show.

A usually chipper McFadden looked very subdued as he kept apologising to his partner and hugging her.

Presenter Holly Willoughby was celebrating her 38th birthday on Sunday by going to work as co-host of the show after a weekend in the New Forest with her family.

Injury has been plaguing the contestants again this week – Ryan Sidebottom’s old issues had resurfaced leaving him with little time to train, although Jane Danson came back from her on-ice faint last week saying she was on top form.

As usual, judges’ pets James Jordan, Melody Thornton, Saara Aalto and Wes Nelson put in some stunning performances, although they’re starting to be much more harshly critiqued as the contest progresses.

If you want to know what it is the judges think the strongest skaters should be aiming for, check out this gravity-defying pro routine that opened the show.

And those at the bottom of the leaderboard seriously need to up their game, as next week’s show will see a double elimination.

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