Gemma Collins has major meltdown on 'The Crystal Maze': "Stop the game!"

Chris Edwards
Gemma Collins wasn't happy with her instructions during a virtual reality challenge (Channel 4)

Despite being all “gamed out”, Gemma Collins couldn’t resist taking part in a celebrity special of The Crystal Maze, one of her favourite childhood programmes.

However, the reality star threatened to walk out on the show after having a trademark meltdown during a challenge in the futuristic zone.

Collins was tasked with walking through a virtual reality assault course, with team mates Carol Vordeman, Rick Edwards and Ellie Taylor having to guide her past a number of traps.

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She soon lost her temper after Edwards tried to guide her past a moving saw on the ground, but accidentally caused her to step into it.

“Tell me where and how big a step forward,” shouted a frustrated Collins. “You’re letting me down! This is not rocket science.”

She was then sent back to the beginning, only to get hit by the first obstacle as she attempted to duck below a moving bar.

Frustrated, she said: “Tell the producer they’ve got to sort it out. No, hang on, stop the game.”

Maze Master Richard Ayoade couldn’t help but mock Collins’ meldown, saying: “It’s amazing, even in grid form you’ve got mugged off.”

Rick Edwards, Ellie Taylor, Gemma Collins, Carol Vordeman and Richard Ayoade on The Crystal Maze (Channel 4)

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Collins managed to retrieve the crystal and get out of the room with just seconds to spare, but she was soon lamenting Edwards’ instructional skills.

“You was messing up, you can’t say, you know twice on the red, you had to measure that big step going forward because your big step and my big step might be all different,” she said. “I could have done that in one.”

Despite her outburst during the challenge, The Only Way is Essex star has since posted about the episode on Instagram, telling her followers she “loved loved loved” the game.

“This is definitely one to watch. Channel 4, you defo got more than you bargained for! Put this in your diaries it’s going to be EPIC,” she wrote.

“Being my childhood favourite show I gave it my all fantastic outcome and defo a few concerns when I said I was going to be team captain, but I came and I CONQUERED to everyone’s surprise. The Channel even called the next day to thank me I actually loved loved loved this game. #tvgold.”