Gemma Collins has new home fitted with panic room

Gemma Collins has been having security fitted at her Essex home. (Getty)
Gemma Collins has been having security fitted at her Essex home. (Getty)

Gemma Collins has shared that she's had her new Essex home fitted with a panic room.

The reality star said the security measures put in place at the house had made her feel like Whitney Houston in 1992 film The Bodyguard.

The 40-year-old divulged on her BBC podcast: "I moved into my new house and basically, I feel like Whitney Houston – I'd love her voice, I think I can sing like her – but literally I've been getting so much done at the house.

"I've got security put in and the work that goes into it it's been like a scene from The Bodyguard.

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"I've got panic rooms, you name it I've got it in the house. So just call me Whitney, baby."

An alarm could be heard during the recording of the episode, prompting Collins to remark: "As I say, it is like The Bodyguard in this house at the moment. I could do with a real life Kevin Costner though."

In the film, Costner is assigned to look after Houston's character, a famous singer and actor, after threats are made against her life.

The former The Only Way Is Essex cast member shared earlier this year that she had bought her "dream home" .

She wrote on Instagram in January: "It’s been a very tough couple of months but some good news today to share I finally got my dream home 🏡 and now have my keys 🔑 #newchapter."

Collins later revealed on her podcast that a tree had inspired her to purchase the property.

Gemma Collins attends Cirque du Soleil's
Gemma Collins (Getty Images)

She said: "It’s so weird, I knew it was the house for me because literally when I rode up to the house on my bike there was this tree, and it was a rather big tree, and I felt like the tree was talking to me.

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“It moved in this way it was like whispering to me. When I see this tree, I truly believe we’ve got a bond. This tree is telling me, ‘Gemma you’re meant to be here.’

“I don’t know why but it gives me huge comfort.”

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