Gemma Collins Labelled ‘One Of The Most Horrible People On The Planet’ By The Chase Star Paul Sinha

Matt Bagwell

It’s no secret that Gemma Collins could give Mariah a run for her Swarovskis in the diva stakes (just ask Gemma), but she won’t be getting a Christmas card from a certain Chaser after their paths crossed recently.

Paul Sinha, who is one of the regular chasers on ITV daytime quiz show The Chase, labelled The GC “one of the most horrible people on the planet” after he appeared alongside her and Strictly pro Anton Du Beke on Celebrity Catchphrase last month.

Paul Sinha and Gemma Collins

Paul, who is also a stand-up comedian, told the audience at his gig at the Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth, Herts, that she was “rude” and ignored him and Anton when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“Gemma Collins is one of the most horrible people on the planet,” he told the crowd.

“She demanded we call her The GC, and was one of the rudest people I have ever met. She refused to speak to Anton and I when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

He added: “There was a moment which was really exciting as Anton was at the point where he could double the money for our chosen charities.

“I looked over at Gemma, and she wasn’t even paying attention. She hadn’t been watching. She was on her phone.”

Paul also revealed that it took Gemma “30 takes” to get the name of her chosen charity right.

He said: “You’re not going to believe this, but it took Gemma 30 takes to get the name of her chosen charity right. It was Haven House Children’s Hospice, but she couldn’t get it.”

HuffPost UK has contacted Gemma’s reps for comment.

Last month, Gemma downplayed more reports of diva behaviour when she was involved in an altercation with a fellow plane passenger on a flight from Greece. 

The reality star was filmed becoming agitated after the person sat in front of her reclined her seat. 

Gemma was sat leaning on her tray table with her head resting against the seat in front, and in a video obtained by the MailOnline could be heard complaining that it kept hitting her. 

Witnesses claimed Gemma had shouted at the passenger, saying: “What the fuck are you doing, babe?

“Stop fucking moving, stop fucking moving, just leave it, it’s fine.”

However, a spokesperson for the former TOWIE star had a differing version of events. 

“All Gemma did was like many passengers do in a busy air plane is ask for someone to be considerate to her,” they said. 

“It was a gentle request and was in no way a row.”