Gemma Collins left 'shocked and embarrassed' after bank accounts frozen

Gemma Collins reveals PTSD credit:Bang Showbiz
Gemma Collins reveals PTSD credit:Bang Showbiz

Gemma Collins was left "shocked and embarrassed" when her bank accounts were frozen.

The 41-year-old reality star - who has a reported net worth of £2.7million - revealed that when she was attempting to buy her house in 2020, her assets were cut off and she "cried on the phone" to the bank as she feared she would lose her Essex mansion.

She said: "This happened to me two years ago. The shock, the embarrassment, I couldn't sleep, I felt sick, I felt like I was dodgy, like ‘am I a criminal?' You know what, the guy at the end of the phone, I was so distressed, I was crying on the phone, I was saying, 'I’m going to lose my house, I’m going to lose my house.' They are reading from a script, no emotion, telling you, ‘Go into the branch.'"

At the time, Gemma's dad was suffering from COVID in hospital and she was unable to see him, and even though she was able to resolve the money issue by going into the bank, the 'Diva Forever' star went on to explain that she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder ever since.

Speaking during an Instagram Live, she said: "I couldn’t see my dad in the hospital. I went into the branch and the lady was very nice, I started crying in the bank. They didn’t care. I felt broken, I felt helpless, I felt despair. I just thought I cannot believe this is still going on. I never mentioned it to anyone. I was supposed to go to the financial ombudsman, but my father was dying. I was buying a house, which should have been an amazing experience. I was traumatised, really I’ve suffered PTSD over that experience. I know a few people it has happened to. Some big names on TV – they’re doing it left, right and centre."