Gemma Collins 'scared for her life' after spotting man outside her home

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Gemma Collins has posted a series of videos on her Instagram account of a man she claims is the same person that had previously taunted her in an online video.

The Dancing on Ice and former TOWIE star claimed she is ‘petrified for her life’ after spotting the alleged online troll outside her flat’s complex.

“Do you all remember that shocking video of two boys horrifically ABUSING ME well I am now petrified for my LIFE he has now found my home I AM SCARED FOR MY LIFE I am so grateful for how amazing the police have been I am actually scared for my life ….. has been here since SATURDAY why would you abuse someone then find out where they live and make them petrified I can’t leave my home through FEAR ….. I don’t feel safe and I feel very THREATENED and UNSAFE,” the reality star wrote.

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The videos show a man parked in the car and then walking around the the flat’s premises. Police are then shown to be questioning the man from his car, but Collins says he told them that he was a paparazzi:

“He told the police he was waiting for an appointment and three hours later said he was waiting for Gemma because he is a PAP.”

Collins has been repeatedly bullied online for her weight. (PA Images)
Collins has been repeatedly bullied online for her weight. (PA Images)

Collins clearly believes the man in question is one of the two men that filmed themselves verbally abusing Collins as she ate a meal outside a cafe with her mother and a friend last year.

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The men shared the shocking video on their social media. In the clip they mock her for ‘eating again,’ call her a ‘fat c***’ and called her a ‘fat f***ing pig.’

One of the same men had also tweeted in February of this year that he would ‘travel to Essex’ in order ‘to spit in your face.’

Her claims come just days after she reportedly told The Sun’s Dan Wootton that her now ex-boyfriend James Argent had sent her a flurry of abusive texts.

She told the reporter that he’d called her a series of unpleasant names and wrote that ‘she had more rolls than Greggs.’

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