Gemma Collins wants to represent UK at Eurovision

Gemma Collins has Eurovision dreams credit:Bang Showbiz
Gemma Collins has Eurovision dreams credit:Bang Showbiz

Gemma Collins thinks she should represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest because she is "just as good" as Katherine Jenkins.

The 42-year-old reality star has been exploring her Welsh roots for new TV show 'More Than Daffs and Taffs' and she believes her ancestry has helped her inherit great vocals so she should be chosen to perform against artists from other countries in the annual competition, which this year takes place in Liverpool in May.

She is quoted by the Daily Star Sunday newspaper as saying: "I have Welsh in my blood - my nan was Welsh.

"All of the Welsh are good singers - Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey.

"I think I could represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest. I think I would be good they should get me.

"Katherine Jenkins is another one, and I think I'm just as good. It's obviously a Welsh thing."

Gemma is also considering moving to Wales because she thinks her native Essex is "toxic" and she has outgrown the area.

She said: “I’ve totally outgrown Essex. It’s toxic.

“I really like it in Surrey, Sam Faiers lives there. I do love Wales and I would consider living there.”

This isn't the first time the former 'Only Way is Essex' star has voiced her dream of representing the UK at Eurovision.

Speaking in 2021 after James Newman, 35, scored nul points with his song 'Embers', she said: “I was absolutely gutted when James came off so badly — I would have given him the world.

“Next year I think the 'Eurovision' needs The GC. I’ve heard Bill Bailey wants to do it, so maybe we could duet.”

However, if Bill turns down her offer, Gemma is determined to "tap up Snoop Dogg”.

She added: “I want to take on his job on the Just Eat adverts — and I think working together at 'Eurovision' could be my way in.

“I wouldn’t be doing a cover song either, I’d write my own original song or have someone write one for me. Either way, the UK needs The GC. And I won’t be getting nul points, honey.”