Gemma Collins works treadmill in HEELS as she tells Mariah Carey to ‘move over’

Emma Powell

Mariah Carey might want to watch out. The world only has room for one diva – and the GC wants to take the crown.

The former TOWIE star, real name Gemma Collins, told Carey to “move over” as she kicked off filming for her reality TV show Diva Forever.

Taking a swipe at Carey’s show Mariah’s World, Collins posted: “Let me introduce you to my BAFTA AWARD WINNING TEAM ..... I am currently making my NEW SHOW ..... DIVA FOREVER..... move over MARIAHS WORLD.”

Keen to prove she is the ultimate diva, she uploaded a clip of herself strutting in heels and a sequin dress on a treadmill to Lizzo’s Juice because when you’re a diva trying to lose weight, you take a treadmill everywhere. Obviously.

Collins joked: “So because I'm trying to lose weight at the minute, everywhere I go I have my team bring a treadmill in on set. Oh yes I do. I am the Queen of divas.

“This is what you do when you're a diva guys and you’re trying to lose weight on set.

Diva: Mariah Carey needs to watch out (Getty Images)

“You have them all on hand with the treadmill, to pretty much do most of it for you."

Collins was filming the opening credits for her upcoming show which will reportedly follow her in Los Angeles as she attempts to crack America.

The reality TV star, who is dating James Argent, has been showing off her weightloss on Instagram after shedding nearly two stone while training for Dancing On Ice.

“I will 100 per cent keep up with the fitness and I’m saying this on national TV because I feel so much better, like I could just move a lot more, I can do my shoes up,” she told This Morning’s Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“I might take to the rink but for an enjoyment purpose, skate round for an hour, you know, because it is good exercise, but I really do want to continue with my fitness.”

She recently compared herself to Chardonnay, telling fans: “I get better over time.”