The Gen V finale has everyone theorizing who will join the Seven

 Gen V.
Gen V.

Warning: spoilers for Gen V season 1 episode 8 ahead!

Gen V season 1 episode 8 has everyone theorizing who's next in line to join the Seven.

In episode 8, we see Ashley Barrett and co. scramble to add a Godolkin U Supe to the Seven. And as we learned early on in the series, this is nearly every student's dream. Prior to all hell breaking loose, Andre and Marie seem to be the frontrunners – given that they were named the 'Guardians of Godolkin' after appearing to stop Golden Boy from harming anyone else on campus.

Ashley goes so far as to call Marie and not only tell her she's being considered for the Seven, but that if she stops Cate and Sam from leading a revenge-fueled massacre of every non-Supe on campus – she'll get her a meeting with her estranged sister. However, this all changes when we see Homelander watching a news broadcast that depicts Cate and Sam as the Guardians of Godolkin, and Marie, Andre, Jordan, and Emma as the ones leading the massacre. Sheesh. Now the question is: will Vought still add a young Supe to the Seven, and if so, who would it be? We also have to take into consideration that the season takes place in between The Boys season 3 and season 4, so it may not be a Godolkin U Supe after all.

"Sam as new Black Noir. No emotion, super strong, doing what he's told," one viewer wrote.

"Maverick to replace Translucent, as they said, and maybe Cate? I bet they give her a bionic hand or something. Sam is too much of a wild card for them to put him in the 7," wrote another.

"I would LOVE to see Cate in the seven. I just know that would be chaos with her power and I’m here for it," someone else said.

"Maverick maybe. We have seen teasers for S4 of the Boys…a New Black Noir, Sister Sage, and Firecracker. The last new member is unclear," a fan commented.

"I doubt anybody from Gen V is joining the Seven mostly because the way they played it (with Sam/Cate being Guardians of Godolkin) they're all primed to give Sam & Cate a fall from grace in the beginning of S2, esp since they benched 3 of the people who were already high up enough to be considered for the Seven," another fan theorized.

It's likely we won't find out until The Boys season 4, which still doesn't have a release date.

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