Gen V's Eric Kripke Opens Up About How Chance Perdomo's Death Will Impact The Boys Spinoff

 (L-R) Chance Perdomo (Andre Anderson), Sean Patrick Thomas (Polarity) posing together and smiling.
(L-R) Chance Perdomo (Andre Anderson), Sean Patrick Thomas (Polarity) posing together and smiling.

Two of the best shows on Amazon PrimeGen V and The Boys – have been grieving the loss of Chance Perdomo, who died in late March after a motorcycle accident. Along with personally grieving him, the cast and crew who create this world of supes have had to figure out how to move forward without his character Andre. Now, Eric Kripke, the mastermind behind this universe, has opened up about how this tragic loss will impact Season 2 of Gen V.

At the moment, Eric Kripke is getting ready to premiere Season 4 of The Boys, which will drop on the 2024 TV schedule on June 13. In the midst of this, he’s also been asked about Gen V and how the show has changed following Perdomo’s death. Speaking about The Boys spinoff, the EP candidly explained that they’ve had to rethink everything about the upcoming sophomore season. He told EW:

It's been challenging, to say the least. We were a week away from shooting when Chance passed away tragically. So we had to almost rethink everything, and in just a matter of weeks. But what I tell people when they say 'wow, that's really crazy or difficult' [is] that pales in comparison to what his friends and loved ones are going through. It's the least we could do.

Not long after Perdomo’s death, it was announced that Season 2 of Gen V would be re-crafted to celebrate him. As Kripke said, they want to honor the late actor, and what his family and loved ones are going through is far more difficult than re-working the show.

The former Supernatural showrunner also noted that the cast was personally close to the Andre actor, and losing him has had a serious impact on them:

I really feel for the actors because they were such a family. I know it's really hard on a lot of them.

Now, Gen V is expected to start filming this year. At the end of Season 1, Andre, Marie, Jordan and Emma were stuck in a mysterious location after they attempted to stop Cate and Sam. Going into Season 2, it’s unclear where the series will pick up and how it will explain Andre’s absence. However, Kripke and the producers of the show made it very clear that they plan to honor the late actor in the upcoming season.

In a statement on Gen V’s X account, it was quickly clarified that they would not recast Andre and that they are “determined to find the best way to pay respect to his memory.” Kripke reiterated these points when speaking with EW, saying:

The pain and the hardship really is with the people who loved him. My heart goes out to them. It's all so tragic and horrible, so if we can just honor him and present his character as the hero that he was, then that's a small token for what his loved ones are experiencing right now.

As we learn more about how Gen V will be impacted by the loss of Chance Perdomo, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. To go back and see his fantastic performance in The Boys spinoff, you can stream it with an Amazon Prime subscription.

We here at CinemaBlend extend our condolences and thoughts to Chance Perdomo’s family, friends and colleagues as they navigate this tragic time, and we can’t wait to see how his legacy is honored in Season 2 of Gen V.