Gen Z — How Do You Approach Life Differently Than Your Parents?

Recently, a millennial woman went viral on TikTok for sharing all the things she learned about Gen Z while working with her Gen Z intern over the summer.

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But some things she learned dipped into more serious territory, like how Gen Z'ers feel like they'll never be able to own homes and how their relationships — both dating and familial — are worse off than her experience as a millennial.

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So, if you're a Gen Z'er, how do you feel you approach life differently than other generations? How does your experience differ from boomers, Gen X, or even millennials?

Perhaps as a kid you saw your Gen X parents slide by in jobs being mistreated and overworked. They tolerated terrible jobs for the sake of the "status quo." Because you refuse to be in the same situation, you look for jobs that prioritize employees' well-being and flexibility, even though your parents feel you're expecting too much.

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Maybe your family loooves to sell you the idea that if you work hard, all your dreams will come true. While you feel it worked well for your parents "back in their day," it just feels completely unattainable now. Your father was able to afford your childhood home on a mailman salary, and you realize that would just be completely unrealistic today. So, you're jumping off the hamster wheel and hoping to adopt the motto "work to live" rather than "live to work."

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Maybe it's the opposite for you — you feel up against so many more financial burdens (e.g., home ownership, student loans, and the rising cost of living), that you feel like you need to work 10x harder to "make it" than your millennial siblings and boomer parents did. And, with social media, you constantly feel in competition with your peers.

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Whatever your experience is as a Gen Z'er, I want to hear about it! How do you feel your perspective on life compares to your parents, siblings, or grandparents? What new challenges are you up against that completely change your outlook on life that didn't exist before? What qualities did your elders adopt that you refuse to carry on?

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Let me know all about your perspectives and experiences down in the comments below, or submit them using this anonymous form. Your responses could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.