A Video About Gen Z "Discovering" Capitalism Is Going Viral, And More Internet News You Might Have Missed

Hello, fellow internet explorers! Welcome back to Chronically Online, where we break down the latest memes, TikTok trends, and viral moments that are buzzing around in your phone.

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First things first, let's dive into a viral TikTok that's caused quite a debate online about Gen Z in the workplace. When creator @brielleybelly123 revealed just how exhausting starting her 9–5 job is, the video quickly hit a nerve.

Many people in the comments and on Twitter had her back, acknowledging just how hard "living to work" can be.

Twitter: @bcmerchant

But (naturally) there were some haters who basically wanted her to "get over it."

Meanwhile, in lighter (and yet heavier!) news, a 399-pound pumpkin that looks like Taylor Swift had its own moment online, simultaneously making us laugh and giving us nightmares.

Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety

She will be haunting my dreams tonight.

Twitter: @antidearo

And on TikTok, people are getting into the spooky mood with this dancing skeleton filter that's as seductive as he is adorable.

Okay, go off, Mr. Bones!

And the Halloween content doesn't stop: here are some hilarious tweets about what people are going to pass out instead of candy this year.

Twitter: @woofknight

Kind of into this one...

Twitter: @SopranosWorld

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AKA, the part where we round up the last few enjoyable things around the internet.

Kathy Hoang / BuzzFeed

People on Twitter are discovering a reason to finally start watching rugby.

Twitter: @Imani_Barbarin

These highlights from a dog costume parade are healing my entire soul right now.

Twitter: @horror4kids

Ice T is very much worth a Twitter follow. He's just being himself, what can we say!


This nostalgic TikTok unlocked a long-lost memory for me.

That's enough catching up for today! Log off, throw on your costume, and enjoy your weekend.

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