Gender reveal stunt backfires spectacularly as car goes up in flames

A gender reveal went drastically wrong when one parent-to-be set his own car on fire.

Police in Australia have released footage the vehicle going up in flames after doing a prolonged burnout using blue smoke in Norwell, Queensland.

The video shows a car fitted with special smoking tyres on a rural road at Norwell, about 25 kilometres north of Surfers Paradise.

A Holden Commodore sent out plumes of blue smoke while doing a burnout in a gender reveal attempt.
Onlookers watched and cheered as a vehicle skid across a Gold Coast road sending out plumes of blue smoke in a gender reveal attempt.

The driver then attempts a burn-out to release the blue smoke, to share the news the couple was expecting a baby boy.

In the drone video, filmed in April, blue smoke can be seen billowing out from under the Holden Commodore.

Onlookers watched and cheer as the vehicle skids across the country road.

A gender reveal burnout failed spectacularly in the Gold Coast when the car caught on fire.
The car was engulfed in flames, sending plumes of smoke in the air and forcing the driver to make a quick escape.

But in a matter of seconds, the car becomes engulfed in flames, quickly replacing the blue colour with plumes of grey smoke.

The spectators helped free the driver from the burning vehicle, who has since been fined AUS$1,000 for the stunt and disqualified for driving for six months.

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