General Election 2017: Will Nigel Farage throw his hat into the ring again?

Nigel Farage could be contemplating running in the upcoming general election.

Following prime minister Theresa May’s announcement on Tuesday morning of her plans for a snap poll on June 8, Mr Farage met with senior Ukip figures to plot his next move.

The former Ukip leader, who campaigned aggressively for Brexit, has had seven unsuccessful attempts at becoming an MP, five in general elections and two in by-elections.

In the 2015 general election, he stood in the constituency of Thanet, failing to be elected despite securing 32% of the vote.

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But shortly after Mrs May’s announcement, Mr Farage met three other Brexiteers – Richard Tice, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore – to discuss strategy.

Mr Wigmore tweeted a picture of the four men with the caption, ‘Strategy meeting – mischief, mayhem and guerrilla warfare in the GE2017 – you’ve been warned’.

Mr Banks, a Ukip donor, has announced that he will run in the general election against the party’s former MP Douglas Carswell in the Clacton constituency.

Carswell quit the party last month.

Asked on Twitter if he would run, Mr Banks replied simply: ‘You bet’.

The last thing Mr Farage tweeted was a picture of him fishing in the Adriatic at the weekend. He is expected to make an announcement about his election plans shortly.

But Ukip deputy leader Peter Whittle hinted Mr Farage could put himself forward for election.

He told BBC Radio 5 live theresa May’s announcement was ‘unnecessary and basically putting the Tory party and its interests before the country’s’.

Asked if Mr Farage might stand in the general election, Mr Whittle said: ‘Nigel might well stand in the general election. I hope he does.’