General Election 2024 to see millions use tactical voting - our tool shows how it works in your area

Many people are expected to vote tactically at the General Election
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The General Election is fast approaching and the campaigning is well underway. But if you're left feeling baffled by all the facts and figures then you may be wondering who to vote for and how to really make your vote count.

Our new widget lets voters see how to make sure their vote counts in July’s General Election. The First Past the Post system means your preferred party may stand very little chance of winning where you live.

And while headline polls suggest the Conservative Party are facing an extinction-level defeat, the party are currently trailing by less than 10% in 131 seats, according to MRP polling by Survation for Best for Britain.

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It means the smallest change in their fortunes in the remaining three weeks of the campaign could make a huge difference to the final result. So many people hoping to change the government at this election - or who are hoping to block Nigel Farage’s Reform UK from winning seats - are considering casting their vote tactically.

In some seats it will be very obvious who to back. But in others it’s not so clear. That’s why we’ve worked with to bring you this tool. Just enter your postcode and it will show you which party to vote for to have the biggest impact on the final result.

GetVoting’s recommendations are based on a series of huge mega-polls - combined with constituency level insights and expert analysis. In the 2019 election, their predictions were 97% accurate.

You can then click through to their website and see the detail that’s gone into making the prediction - and some facts and figures about your local area that could help you make your choice.

Best for Britain’s polling shows that 13 million Brits are ready to vote tactically to change the government at the next General Election.

Take a look at the gadget below to see how tactical voting could work in your area.