General Election ballot cards direct voters to demolished church hall

Election polling cards sent out in Sutton Coldfield are directing voters to a demolished church hall. Residents in Boldmere received cards telling them to vote at St Michael’s Church Hall in Boldmere Road on Thursday, July 4.

But the building is no longer standing. A man posted an image of a polling card containing the location and branded those responsible "clowns". Hywel Jones, 51, said cash-strapped Birmingham City Council, which has slashed services and wants to put up council tax by 21 per cent over two years, could ill-afford the cost of putting the error right.

Mr Jones told BirminghamLive: “I wasn’t really surprised. The whole place is run by a bunch of clowns.

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“Apparently they are going to issue the polling cards again to everyone. They are going to have to pay for another mail shot.

“What’s going on? Does anybody check these things before they go out? I know they’re skint. The amount of money I pay in this country and you pay a premium in Sutton Coldfield [for the town council].

“The streets aren’t cleaned. There are wonky paving slabs. Where does the money go? Are absolute buffoons running the show?”

Others commenting under Mr Hywel’s post on the Boldmere Community Facebook page were similarly unimpressed. One said: “Worth every penny of their 22 per cent council tax rise over two years.” Another said: “Couldn't organise a p***-up in a brewery.”

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In the council’s defence the building was only demolished in June. But one person posting said they voted ‘in the church itself last time’ - in May for the West Midlands Mayor and police and crime commissioner elections.

A spokeswoman for Birmingham City Council said: “The elections office is aware of an error in the poll card letters sent out to some residents in Boldmere. The polling station for SUV5 should read St Michael's Church NOT St Michael's Church Hall. Replacement letters were sent out on Monday, June 17.