General Hospital spoilers: Carly races to save Jason?

 Laura Wright as Carly in black in General Hospital.
Laura Wright as Carly in black in General Hospital.

For months now, General Hospital fans have been watching Sonny (Maurice Benard) become a ticking time bomb of rage. Just recently, while at Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) reception, the kingpin unleashed on Dex (Evan Hofer) who refused to fight back.  Trying to justify his actions, Sonny claimed his "disloyal" ex-employee grabbed his arm, but viewers know the beating was just unprovoked.

Even after the attack damaged his relationships with Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Sonny doesn’t seem to be on a trajectory of cleaning up his act and getting his rage under control. However, that is going to be hard to do as long as Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) continues to tamper with his bipolar medication, and Sonny continues to be in the dark about it.

With that being said, in the following preview clip, it looks like Sonny may again let his rage out and this time focus it on Jason (Steve Burton), who Sonny also views as someone who betrayed him and is a constant threat. Take a look for yourself.

Given actor Burton has signed a multi-year contract with General Hospital, we don’t think Sonny will be successful in any attempts to kill his former friend and associate. So will any attempt from Sonny be stopped by Carly (Laura Wright)?

Miraculously, even though Sonny deems Carly a traitor too, he’s been slowly letting her in again. Their conversations aren’t always great and amicable, but she notices something is not right with him and has been seeking him out. She’s been trying her best to talk to him and convince him that he’s behaving erratically, while also lending an ear in the wake of his attack on Dex. Plus, in the above clip, she speaks with Sonny during the week of May 27, and she may catch wind that he’s up to something nefarious as it pertains to Jason.

If Carly does develop some suspicions about her ex, we can imagine she runs straight to Jason in an effort to warn him. Jason could stress he’s got everything under control or believe Sonny won’t go as far as to kill him. However, the clip shows somebody getting in position to target Jason, so will this person take a shot at him? Or will Carly get more particulars on a planned hit and try to run interference, putting her life in danger in the process? If she does try to run interference, would she turn to John Cates (Adam J. Harrington) to help?

Maurice Benard as Sonny looking at his wedding ring in General Hospital
Maurice Benard as Sonny looking at his wedding ring in General Hospital

We should also mention the possibility that the people who line up to attack Jason are not Sonny’s men, but rather Valentin’s. It’s worth remembering that Valentin plans to kill Jason and frame Sonny for the deed, so could Valentine actually be ready to launch this tactical maneuver?

Much of this is speculation, so we have to tune in to see what happens next.

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