General Hospital spoilers: week of July 8-12

 Maurice Benard and Finola Hughes as Sonny and Anna talking in General Hospital.
Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's going to be another exciting week on General Hospital as summer really starts heating up. If you want to see what's coming up in Port Charles, or if you missed a story last week and need to know what happened, we've got you covered with our General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 8-12.

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Take a look at the General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 8, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, July 8
"Portia confronts Laura. Nina and Sasha have a heart-to-heart. Cody makes a confession. Sam is frustrated with Drew. Willow makes an impulsive move."

Tuesday, July 9
"Trina is suspicious. Curtis defends himself to Portia. Sasha witnesses something scandalous. Lois shares a secret with Olivia. Maxie finds a new mission."

Wednesday, July 10
"Sonny questions Jason. Cody and Willow find common ground. Ava makes a dangerous move. Michael lets something slip to Drew. John does some eavesdropping."

Thursday, July 11
"Sonny and Ava have a blow-up. Kristina is eager to help Blaze. Felicia visits Cody. Portia reveals her plan to Jordan. Heather’s request surprises Laura."

Friday, July 12
"Laura seeks Trina’s perspective. Sasha confides in Cody. Anna talks her plan through with Jason. Elizabeth shares happy news about Jake. Curtis and Portia hash things out."

And in case you missed out on last week's episodes, here's what happened on General Hospital for the week of July 1, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, July 1: "Ava plays dirty. Josslyn comforts Trina. Nina does some eavesdropping. Alexis makes a big move. Jordan shares intel with Drew."

Tuesday, July 2: "Ava tries to cover her tracks. Blaze is crushed. Sonny meets with Diane. Kristina and Alexis have a heart to heart. Natalia is in the hot seat."

Wednesday, July 3: "Alexis is confrontational. Josslyn gets upsetting news. Natalia confides in Sonny. Sasha provides perspective. Maxie steps up for a friend."

Thursday, July 4: "Tracy won’t take no for an answer. Liz and Portia catch up. TJ and Molly cleaer the air. Kristina makes a bold suggestion. A shot rings out at the Metro Court pool!" (NOTE: This episode originally aired July 7, 2023)

Friday, July 5: "Dante tries to talk Sonny down. Kristina unleashes her anger. Maxie and Brook Lynn strategize. Trina and Josslyn move into their new home. Nina updates Drew."

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC and is the available on-demand the following day on Hulu. Check your local listings to see when it comes on where you are.