Generation Tech J.P Morgan, Mahum Fazli Woodford County

Generation Tech <i>(Image: lorenzoherrero)</i>
Generation Tech (Image: lorenzoherrero)

Girls In Tech

For the first time in 2 years, due to Covid, J.P Morgan is hosting the first in person GenerationTech project for girls. This project is an amazing opportunity for girls aged 15-18 to delve into their interests in tech over the course of 3 weeks. Every group in the competition is assigned 1 of the UN’s development goals and given the challenge of designing an app to combat the issue, combining tech with world issues.

All students were invited to an in-person event at the J.P Morgan headquarters in Canary Wharf where they had an amazing time. Everyone was given freebies at the start of the event, and snacks were available throughout the day. The day consisted of 2 masterclasses in two programming and app development websites, teaching everyone involved the basics of html and CSS as well as prototyping, all essential skills for the project. They were then given 2 J.P Morgan employees as mentors who are there to guide them through the process. The rest of the day consisted of planning for the upcoming presentation.

The project then continues online with meetings every week for the team to meet up and discuss ideas and improvements for their ideas. The project will close this Saturday with all groups presenting their projects to a panel of experienced judges, who will all conclude a winner of the project. The winning team will be given prizes.

Ms Loroy who is partaking in this project described it as a “great experience” for any girls who are interested in the tech industry. Her group, Greenify, are focussing on the issue of climate change, designing an app to help reduce climate impact as well as raise awareness. J.P Morgan themselves encourage groups to use platforms such as TikTok to spread the word.

The project is wholly enjoyable and you are able to bond with like minded girls from around London, a truly one-of-a-kind event.