Genital Jousting: It’s, um ... penetrating

(Warning: NSFW)

Where to start explaining to you, dear reader, the game of Genital Jousting?

Well, it’s a PC release on Steam by Cape Town-based indie developers Free Lives, which they describe as “an online and local multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses for up to eight players at once”.

The game consists of multicoloured penises and the aim is to penetrate other players’ anuses, or even your own.

“Multiple game modes provide a stimulating orgy of objectives: penetrate and be penetrated as fast as possible or compete in absurd, silly and sexually suggestive games and challenges.”

Now you’re obviously you’re asking yourself why. Just, why!? Inundated with the question, the developers put up an entire post explaining the thinking behind this penile creation.


Genital Jousting is undoubtedly a joke. It’s a comedy game, and a lot of the design is simply informed by what we think is funny, ridiculous or gross. But we like to think of the game as a Trojan horse – a way to deliver a sex-positive message to an audience that might never get to hear it otherwise.

“It’s largely about disarming masculinity. In a patriarchal society, penises are associated with power. But in Genital Jousting, they are often the butt of the joke. We want to present the phallus as something silly, abject and nonthreatening.

“That isn’t to say that we want to portray penises [and, by extension, masculinity] in a purely negative manner. On the contrary, Genital Jousting is also meant to be a loving homage to the penis.”

The makers seem to be trying to imbue societial issues into the game, with the player required to provide explicit consent before it starts, and any player able to revoke their consent using the pause button at any time.

So far, it’s received 2 172 reviews – an overwhelming chunk of them positive – so they must be doing something right. Don’t say #Trending never taught you anything ... 

  • You can buy the game for R55 from the Steam store at