The 'genius' 36-second wheelie bin hack branded a 'game changer'

A man has been branded a 'genius' for sharing his 'game-changing' wheelie bin hack. The quick and easy technique allows people to move two rubbish bins at once.

The 36-second clip posted on TikTok by @mal247635 has wowed viewers, who couldn't wait to give it a try. Sharing his revelation, he said: "Well, after all these years of having wheelie bins and wheeling them one at a time to the front and wheeling them back one at a time, I can't believe I've been doing that all these years when you can do this."

He then attaches the two bins together by turning them to face the same direction - with his green bin at the 'front' and his brown bin at the 'back'. He then opened both bin lids, flipped the brown lid all the way back so it was inside the green bin, and closed the lid to 'create a chain'.

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The Mirror reports that when he pulled the green bin, the brown one remained attached, allowing him to move them both at the same time. He said his time-saving hack worked no matter what size the bins were.

One person commenting on the clip said it was a "game changer", while a second said it was "inspired". A third wrote: "Good thinking, Batman! I put out mine and my neighbour's bins. Clever." Another said: "You genius."

However others were sceptical about whether it would work with two full bins. "Probably end up with a lidless bin when they are full," said one. "Make sure you have 100 spare lids first," said another.