'Genius' microwave cleaning hack has everyone asking 'why didn't I think of that'

A woman cleaning a microwave with a rag
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Cleaning hacks have become all the rage, with influencers like Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon leading the charge on social media. The latest cleaning sensation to sweep the web is a brilliantly simple microwave cleaning tip that's gone viral.

A clever woman shared her "genius" microwave cleaning method in the Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, inspired by none other than Mrs Hinch, and she couldn't believe it took her 48 years to figure it out. Her post quickly garnered a huge reaction from the group members, who were just as astonished by the straightforward yet effective trick.

In the now widely-shared post, she advises that when it's time to give your microwave a scrub, simply tip it on its side, reports RSVP Live. Indeed, this nifty hack means you can say goodbye to the days of awkwardly trying to clean the microwave roof.

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"Why has it taken me 48 years to realise turn on its side and then upside down and the microwave is so much easier to clean," she wrote, followed by a facepalm emoji. "Edit: can't believe I used to have cleaning products running down my arm, looking upside down trying to scrub! ".

The comments section exploded with messages of disbelief and gratitude, with one person writing: "Omg...I never thought about doing that! Total game changer!!!"

Another grateful user commented, "I have never thought of this no more sticking my head in to check at the top thank you." "Whooaaaaa, you massive genius! ! ! I shall henceforth be cleaning my microwave in this fashion," another commentator proclaimed.

A fourth enthusiast gushed: "Thank you for this fab tip, so obvious but never entered my head in thirty odd years of cleaning." "Thank God for someone saying this....have struggled for years,' a fifth confessed."

If you haven't been cleaning your microwave like this already, this hack could make each portion absolutely clean without having to bend over backwards to ensure you've done a decent job. Just remember to unplug it first.

Enjoy your cleaning!