Geordie Shore - Bust Ups

So, I’m back again with another piece on MTV hit show Geordie Shore. Whilst looking for something to speak about in this article, I thought I would do a little search on the Top Geordie Shore ‘bust ups’, there was a link to the MTV official website where it listed the top ten bust ups; to my amusement, Holly featured in SEVEN of the ten fights! Congratulations Holly, you’ve won nutter of the year. Lol! So, I’ve picked out three of the ten arguments to talk about here in a bit more detail, also providing my opinions where I feel necessary.

Does anyone remember when Holly and Gaz were going at each other like a pair of drunk nutcases? I mean, does anyone remember when Holly and Gaz were going at each other like them normal selves? If not, let me run your memory back a little bit, so after a night out on the Toon, Holly decided to jump straight down Kyle’s throat, no not literally this time, she was firing abuse at him simply because the two of them weren’t going on. It didn’t take long for Gaz to hit rage mode and then go in on Holly like a ton of falling bricks. In my opinion though, he was actually in the right here, Holly was over-reacting massively, and I’m sure she would admit that! So it soon ended up in them both screaming at each other over a little kafuffle between Holly and Kyle! Typical. Next up, let me take you back to the fight between Chloe and Charlotte. Chloe was smashed, as usual, and on this particular night she was on a bit of a rampage; she smashed a mirror and pretty much destroyed the girls room. It didn’t take long for Charlotte to go nuts and then as Chloe was on the sofa downstairs screaming, Charlotte bravely put her hand over Chloe’s mouth and repetitively said ‘shut the f*** up’. Oh, bad move! Chloe then pushed Charlotte and the next thing us viewers see is the two of them rolling around on the floor pulling each-others hair! For me, although this was a pretty aggressive bit of viewing, it actually ended up demonstrating the values of family and how they will always kiss and make up in the end. It literally took a few hours until the next morning where they both apologized and made up.

Finally then, it’s the lads bust up on the finale of Series 11 which concluded in Kyle leaving the show. So, it started in the taxi home after another night where Holly and Kyle had argued, in actual fact it was Holly going in on Kyle for speaking to another girl. Anyway, a very drunk Aaron began to question Kyle about his relationship with Holly, and it wasn’t long before Kyle’s fuse blew and then before you knew it, Kyle and Aaron were in each others faces. Kyle pushed Aaron back, and in the eyes of a drunk Gaz who clearly saw red, decided that he would step in and get nose to nose with Kyle. It all kicked off massively and I do have to say, that the problem the lads had with Kyle and Holly constantly arguing may never have been resolved if this kick off didn’t occur. I have spoken personally to Kyle about the whole kick off and without a doubt he was gutted at the fact that his family had turned their backs on him. Realistically, I think a lot of the problem was always that Holly got jealous of Kyle speaking to other girls, understandably.

So, there is three of the biggest bust ups we have seen on Geordie Shore so far, all of them though, highlight just how important your family is because despite these arguments and all the other ones we have seen on the show, the family will also come back stronger.

Until next time.

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