Geordie Shore’s Marnie: ‘I kicked Ricky in the stomach!’

‘Geordie Shore’ star Marnie Simpson has admitted she kicked her former TOWIE star boyfriend Ricky Rayment in the stomach during an argument.

One word: WOAH.

Even though the reality TV show couple are reported to have got engaged last month, and have barely been apart since announcing their romance, the 21-year-old has confessed their fights can be pretty damn passionate.

She did admit she felt “really guilty” about kicking poor old Ricky though. So that’s something.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Marnie said: “We argue over stupid things. One time I kicked him in the stomach and I felt really guilty. I almost cried about it. He was upset.”

However, for anyone getting excited that Ricky is going to be back on the market soon, bad news: Marnie also said their crazy arguments always lead to “make-up sex”.

She said: “When we have an argument we just laugh about it and then have make-up sex!”

Marnie and Ricky have only been dating since late January, but the reality TV duo are already planning their wedding, and children.

Marnie recently said: “I’ve always pictured myself being a young mum and bride.”

Seeing as Ricky lives in Essex and Marnie lives in Newcastle, however, the couple are most definitely going to have to think about maybe meeting in the middle.

However, it’s not missing nights out with the Geordie Shore lot that Marnie is worried about. It’s bumping into Ricky’s ex Jess Wright. Well, an ex-girlfriend is always going to get you running for the hills, isn’t it?

Marnie said: “Oh my God, that’s what I’ve been thinking! What if I go to the gym and she’s there? I feel very nervous. I’ve got no beef with her but it would be awkward.”

Just stay indoors, Marnie. Just. Stay. Indoors.