Geordie Shore’s Marty McKenna Gets BANNED By Bank Over Foul-Mouthed Twitter Rant

If you want a masterclass about how NOT to complain about customer service, then dear reader, please continue scrolling.

Geordie Shore star Marty McKenna went off on one on Twitter yesterday, after he wasn’t allowed to get cash out at his bank.

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No, but seriously, as annoying as it must have been, the reality star went a little OTT on their Twitter – to the extent where they actually disabled his account due to ‘abusive’ tweets.

He tweeted: “@BarclaysUKHelp u are a f***ing divy and the little mug who works in the branch in number needs f***ing digged!

Before adding: “@BarclaysUKHelp not letting me access my own money that I work for the f***ing idiots send me out a new card ya wronguns.”

Enter stage left the hero of our tale, Nic from Barclays’ online customer support team – who uttered the immortal line: “Hi Marty, this certainly isn’t how I want you to feel and I’d love to help. Could you please DM me with more information? Nic.”

Nic’s calm and measured tones did little to quell Marty’s mighty fury.

“F***k off,” Marty wrote, before claiming: “@Barclays just rang me saying they’re closing my account for the abusive tweets … Sorry not my fault ya f***ing useless.”

Such exquisite drama. So much poetic tension. A real masterpiece for our age.

Shakespeare who?

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Barclays then fired back at the star with perhaps the biggest mic drop of 2017 so far: “We don’t believe you should ever speak to anyone in an abusive way; whether it’s your bank, neighbour or your ex on the beach.”

OH NO, THEY DIDN’T. Nic, you sassy, sassy sausage.

It’s pretty hard to recover from first degree burns like that, so naturally, Marty employed the tried-and-tested response of a 15-year-old boy with confidence issues, tweeting: “Oooo sly digs .. At least I can have an ex on the beach ya desk sitter #virgin.”

And there ends our sorry tale, ladies and gents. Maybe try NatWest next time, eh Mart?