George Clooney reveals hilarious pranks he’s pulled while pretending to be Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton

George Clooney and Julia Roberts star in the upcoming film, Ticket to Paradise, so they dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Thursday, to promote it. However, they found themselves promoting some of Clooney’s unknown pranks. The actor is known for being a prankster, but he revealed he’s been secretly pen-palling around with other celebrities’ stationary. Like the time he stole Brad Pitt’s stationary and wrote to Meryl Streep.

“I sent her a letter years ago with a bunch of CDs that were a dialect coach,” Clooney recalled. “And I sent it from Brad, a bunch of CDs to Meryl Streep. I said, ‘This guy helped me with my accent in Troy, I thought maybe he could help you.’ Meryl said she avoided Brad for like five years!”

Clooney revealed his diabolical comedy has also stretched into politics, especially after he got a hold of Bill Clinton’s old White House stationary.

“The White House stationery of Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton's actual stationery,” Clooney explained. “And I send actors all the time letters from Bill Clinton about how much he loved their movie. Which I guarantee they're hanging up in their homes. So if anyone's watching, take the picture down, take it down.”

While everyone in the audience thought the pranks were hilarious, the people who received Clooney’s fake letters from Clinton probably weren’t laughing as much.

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