George Lucas Turned 80, And Mark Hamill Posted A Touching Tribute To The Star Wars Creator

 Mark Hamill in Star Wars: A New Hope.
Mark Hamill in Star Wars: A New Hope.

If it wasn’t for the vision of creator George Lucas, the world of upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows might not have ever existed. As his 1977 film changed the world of blockbuster cinema, which easily landed it among the best sci-fi movies of all time, it’s a feat still celebrated to this day.

So when actor Mark Hamill chose to pay tribute to the director of his big movie break, on the occasion of his 80th birthday, the results were quite touching. Taking to his social media presence, including Instagram, Hamill highlighted the Star Wars mastermind with a selection of photos from throughout his life. Putting it all together with a touching message, here’s the finished product of Hamill’s birthday message to George Lucas:

It never fails to amaze when thinking back to how Star Wars became a mega-hit sensation, and all in a pretty recent proximity to its modern history. Looking back on things like Mark Hamill’s audition with Harrison Ford, it’s still amazing to see their early steps into this then new world.

It’s even more unbelievable to think about who could have been up for roles like that of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. That's even wilder to behold when reading the story about how fellow Solo auditioner Robert Englund helped Hamill’s Star Wars journey happen in the first place.

Of course, one can say that easily after over 45 years of Star Wars history have ingrained this world, and its characters, into pop culture history. But it’s not like George Lucas has merely sat back and enjoyed his retirement. As he still engages in philanthropic efforts such as the George Lucas Educational Foundation, a new chapter of his legacy has been playing out for all to see.

Though from time to time, Lucas pops into the Star Wars universe to do something, like randomly name a Mandalorian character. While he may not be at the wheel anymore, George Lucas’ influence is still felt in this galaxy far, far away.

As long as Lucas continues to remind the world why his creation was so iconic in the first place, fellow contributors like Mark Hamill will always be there to tip their lightsaber to thank the maker. To borrow the words of the man himself, straight from George Lucas' defense of Disney CEO Bob Iger, "Creating magic is not for amateurs," and it is an honor to pay homage to that fact on this magician's 80th birthday.

If you’re looking to celebrate George Lucas’ birthday in your own way, you can easily revisit the world of Star Wars through streaming. So long as you have access to a Disney+ subscription, you’ll be able to take off to Tatooine, Naboo and any other world that Mr. Lucas and his creation have helped dream up.