George W. Bush was a fan of Kimmel’s (Trump bashing) Oscars opening monologue

Christopher Hooton

Former president George W. Bush stopped in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week (he’s got a book coming out) and conversation quickly turned to last weekend’s Kimmel-hosted Oscars.

Bush thought it was “damn good”, but in particular Kimmel’s intro monologue.

“I watched the replay, I actually watched - I’m going to pander - I thought your opening was damn good,” Bush told him.

That’ll be the one in which Kimmel said “I want to say thank you to President Trump. I mean, remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist?” then.

The pair didn’t talk specifically about the new president on the show, but spent most of the interview talking around him, with Kimmel asking Bush if he watched TV while in the White House (Trump, notoriously, is a TV addict).

“No, never really did,” Bush replied, concurring with Kimmel when he suggested a president probably shouldn’t.

“You got a lot to do, you’re busy,” Bush added.

It was generally quite a surreal piece of television, the world having got to a point where a TV audience will now clap and cheer George W. Bush.