Georgia Couple Turns Away Contractor With Confederate Flag on Truck

A contractor was turned away from a job at a home in Dallas, Georgia, on June 29 after his potential employers, an African-American couple, took issue with a Confederate flag hanging from the back of his vehicle.

Surveillance footage from Ezekiel and Allison Brown’s front porch shows the moment Allison greeted the man, and told him she was “beyond upset with the flag” and that she could not pay him for his services.

Allison told Storyful the contractor was scheduled to do a minor repair on the family’s golf cart, but said the flag made the family immediately uncomfortable.

“After the brief in-person interaction, Zeke (Ezekiel) came into the house and exclaimed, ‘God is testing me today!’” said Brown. “I told him matter of factly that it was not a test – this man has to go – and walked out the door to let the contractor know.” She added that she told her husband to record the Ring surveillance video in case the man decided to retaliate.

Ezekiel showed Storyful an exchange he had with the contractor on Facebook after the incident, during which the contractor said he did not know the flag would be offensive to them. Ezekiel replied to the man, telling him it was “extremely offensive to anyone of color,” as it “stood for a time in history where people such as myself had a very bad way of life.”

Ezekiel told the man that when he saw him he “saw nothing that represents the flag,” but rather saw a “very respectful young man that works hard to make his way.” He told the contractor he hoped the interaction would prompt him to research how other Americans feel about the Confederacy. Credit: Ezekiel Brown via Storyful