Georgia Tech Student and LGBT Activist Shot Dead by Campus Police

Maria Pasquini
Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Campus Police

On Saturday, an engineering student and LGBTQ activist from Georgia Tech was shot and killed by campus police

The victim has been identified as Scout Shultz, a fourth-year engineering student and president of Georgia Tech’s Pride Alliance, according to NBC News.

Georgia Tech police officers say they received a 911 call on Saturday from a person claiming there was somebody walking around campus armed with a knife and a gun, reports Fox News.

Police made contact with Schultz outside a campus parking garage at 11:17 p.m. on Saturday, according to NBC News.

According to NBC News, as Schultz continued to allegedly ignore the demands to drop the weapon, a gunshot could be heard being fired followed by the sound of Schultz’s screams.

The officer who fired the shot has yet to be named.

Shultz was pronounced dead early Sunday morning after being taken to the hospital, reports Fox 5 Atlanta.