Georgia tornado: Amateur footage captures freak weather system in Adairsville

Terrified Americans have captured the moment tornadoes tore towards their town as a 1,000-mile-long storm ripped through six US states today.

One town in Georgia was devastated by the giant tornado, while elsewhere the freak storm has left at least two people dead across southeastern states.

A funnel cloud roared through the Georgia town of Adairsville, with a tornado a quarter of a mile wide causing destruction in the town.

Cars were overturned, trees uprooted and buildings destroyed as the weather system ploughed through the town, around 60 miles northwest of Atlanta.

Amateur footage which emerged today shows the tornado looming over entire neighbourhoods, as residents look on in awe.

The huge storm system has caused more than 20 tornadoes across six US states from Missouri to Georgia, according to USA Today.

Emergency services workers say that dozens more people have been injured by the storm, as well as the two who have been killed.

According to MyFoxAtlanta, Georgia Power reported more than 9,600 people without power in the early hours of Thursday morning.