Gerard Butler opens up about terrifying motorcycle crash: ‘I did a somersault about 30ft into the air’

Emma Powell

Gerard Butler has opened up about the moment he was flung into the air in a road traffic accident.

The Scottish actor, 47, was rushed to hospital after his motorbike was run off the road in Los Angeles two weeks ago.

Speaking about the terrifying ordeal on The Graham Norton Show he said: “A woman went from being parked to doing a U-turn and hit me. I did a somersault about 30ft in the air.

“I jumped straight up but realised I done something bad. I broke my ankle and damaged my knee. It was pretty hefty.”

He escaped without any serious injuries.

Having a laugh: Jeff Goldblum with Gerard Butler on The Graham Norton Show (PA)

The incident came weeks after he suffered anaphylactic shock after enduring 23 bee stings.

Butler turned to the unconventional pain relief treatment while shooting his new film, Geostorm, which saw him perform on wire for 12 hours a day in a 65lb space suit.

“It was recommended that I take bee venom as an anti-inflammatory,” he said. “So, I was injected with 23 bee stings.

“My arms swelled up, I went into anaphylactic shock and was hospitalised. It turns out you are meant to have one bee sting per week!”

Jeff Goldblum – who was on the show to talk Thor: Ragnorak – said: “I’ve done some cockamamie things in my time but that is crazy. I think we should trust science.”

Jack Whitehall and former First Lady Hillary Clinton also joined Norton on the sofa.

The Graham Norton Show is on BBC One tonight at 10.35pm.