Geri’s 1990s: Spice Girls singer recalls the era of Britpop, rave, and Princess Diana in BBC2 documentary

Ben Travis
Looking back: Geri Horner recalls the Nineties in a new BBC documentary: BBC / Outline Productions

The Nineties may feel like mere minutes ago, but in fact it’s 20 years since the BRIT Awards saw Geri Halliwell (now Horner) don her Union Jack dress.

In this warm and nostalgic documentary, the Spice Girls singer takes a look back at the decade where she became one of the most famous pop stars on the planet.

This isn’t a Spice Girls documentary though, nor is it just a look at Geri’s own life – instead it’s all about the Nineties themselves.

Of course music features through – from the rave scene, through the rise of Britpop, and of course the Spice Girls’ own success.

But there’s also a look at the other cultural icons like Kate Moss, and the optimism of ‘football coming home’ in Euro 96.

On reflection the Nineties look like a bold, brilliant and creative era full of optimism – before the untimely death of Princess Diana saw a move towards troubled times ahead.

There are insights into Geri’s life too – and some interesting recollections of her own experiences in the 1990s before she joined the Spice Girls.

Speaking of how her father’s death shaped her, she explains: “It drove me into really militant work, ‘OK I’m going to do this’. Suddenly I met the girls in the band and suddenly I found something I could belong to and distract myself from all that sort of pain and grief that I just didn’t understand.”

The one-hour documentary is punctuated with Spice Girls hits that are as catchy as you remember. Pop hasn’t sounded quite so big and brash since.

BBC Two, Saturday, 9pm