German police continue evictions of climate protesters opposing coal mine

Two climate activists are still holding out in tunnels under the condemned hamlet of Luetzerath in Germany, which is due to be demolished in order to expand a nearby coal mine.

Protesters have occupied the abandoned village in an attempt to stall the plans, arguing that the mine's expansion would increase CO2 emissions and damage Germany's international commitments.

Activists have installed themselves in hard-to-reach places, often off the ground, with police taking many hours to get to some people.

The utility company RWE says it needs the coal beneath the hamlet to ensure Germany's energy security, after cuts in gas supplies from Russia since the invasion of Ukraine.

In return for expansion, RWE says it will close the mine in 2030, eight years earlier than planned.

It's not clear how many activists remain in Luetzerath, however, according to police 300 people left the site voluntarily on Thursday.

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