This German Shepherd is best friends with a duck

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Meet Vendetta, a German Shepherd who spends her time ambling through the French countryside with her best friend - a duck. 

In these videos and photos Vendetta and Lemony, an Indian Runner Duck, can be seen gallivanting around Southern France.

Whether they're strolling through the woods or lounging on the beach, the unlikely companions are completely inseparable. 

"Lemony and Vendetta became friends right away," said Natasha Tamenne, 20, the owner of the two animals.

"Lemony is special.

"The two have a special bond." 

The BFFs live on a large farm so they have a lot of space to play. 

"Lemony sleeps in the bedroom with me, just like Vendetta, but she's not potty trained, so I do have to clean up pretty often," said Natasha, a student from Pompiey, France. 

"I got Lemony from friends who breed ducks, but we've always had ducks."

"My mom just breeds dogs now, but we used to breed ducks and geese."  

"I want to follow in her footsteps and breed dogs as well when I finish school."

Natasha is sharing her pet's bond with the public to, "show people you can have feelings for animals that aren't dogs or cats."  

"I want people to see ducks in a different way," she said.