German Shepherd Enjoys Snow as Record-Breaking Conditions Hit Arizona

A dog in Williams, Arizona, made the most of record-breaking snow in the northern part of the state on January 15.

The record for single-day snow accumulation was broken in Flagstaff that day, with 14.8 inches recorded.

Just over 33 miles away in Williams, a two-year-old German shepherd/husky mix named Raider jumped around happily in the white stuff.

Raider’s owner, Adena Zicopoulos, told Storyful her dog “absolutely loves being outside” and “took off” into the snow.

Zicopoulos said, “When it snows, we have to force him to come inside after we let him play for a while. He first saw snow when he was a puppy. That’s when he first started his bunny hop and he has loved snow ever since.” Credit: Adena Zicopoulos via Storyful

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