German train speeds off with 11-month-old baby on board as parents watch from platform

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A Berlin S-Bahn commuter train station  (AFP/Getty Images)
A Berlin S-Bahn commuter train station (AFP/Getty Images)

A baby has been reunited with its parents after they watched in horror as a train carrying their child sped off without them.

The father had put the 11-month-old onboard in a pram at the station in Dusseldorf, Germany, yesterday morning.

But as he waited on the platform for his wife to join them, the doors closed and the train pulled away.

The panicked parents leapt into a taxi hoping to beat the train to its next stop.

But passengers spotted the unaccompanied baby and alerted the conductor, who ordered the train to return to Dusseldorf.

The parents eventually returned too and “the baby was handed back into the care of its grateful parents”, federal police said in a statement.

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