Germany fuelling 'Russophobic hysteria' over Ukraine war, says Moscow

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Germany fuelling 'Russophobic hysteria' over Ukraine war, says Moscow

Russia has accused Germany of fuelling "Russophobic hysteria" amid heightened tensions between Moscow and Berlin linked to the war in Ukraine.

It comes as Russia marked the 81st anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union.

"Russophobic hysteria is systematically fuelled by almost daily attacks by members of the German government against our country," Russian diplomacy said in a statement issued to mark the commemorations.

"Berlin, by words and deeds, threatens the results of decades-long efforts by Russia and Germany to overcome the enmity ... between our peoples after the war."

Initially taken by surprise -- notably because it had signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany two years earlier -- the USSR succeeded, at the cost of great human sacrifices, in repelling the Nazi invasion

Fond of historical parallels, Russian President Vladimir Putin has several times compared Moscow's current offensive in Ukraine to the fight against the Nazis during the "Great Patriotic War".

Russia's war in Ukraine has severely strained relations between Moscow and Western countries, including Germany, which have hit Moscow with heavy economic sanctions.

Russia, for its part, has announced in recent days a sharp reduction in the quantities of gas delivered to Europe, in particular via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, Germany denouncing an “attack” aimed at “sowing chaos”.