Ghastly video show FIREWORKS being launched from a moving car in a residential street

This bizarre video appears to show FIREWORKS being launched from a moving car - as it travels down a residential street.

The footage was caught on CCTV at just after 11pm yesterday (7/11) in Dartford, Kent.

A local, who asked to be kept anonymous, said they checked the camera after spotting fireworks through the window.

And, to their surprise, they saw the explosions had taken place right outside their front door - in the middle of a built-up area.

The resident said: “It was pretty mad. I was making myself a drink in the kitchen and heard what sounded like a bomb going off.

“It was right outside the house, I went to the window and saw the remnants of one of their fireworks exploding.

“It was eight minutes past 11 and the car drove past our house shooting fireworks out of its window.

“They exploded in the street, on the pavement and cars, and then they drove down the adjacent street shooting fireworks.

“It looked like one of those fireworks where you light it and loads shoot out.

“It’s pretty crazy footage but it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt or anything was damaged.

“It was pretty stupid to do it where they did it, they were just coming up to a roundabout.

“Because of the night vision on the camera and the car moving quite fast I couldn’t see anyone in it or what kind of car it was, you can just see the explosions.”

The resident added that they have not contacted the police over the incident.