Ghislaine Maxwell uses prison-issue sock as makeshift face mask to stop herself being woken up, lawyers reveal

Leah Sinclair
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Ghislaine Maxwell is being quarantined after a prison worker tested positive for Covid-19 (via REUTERS)
Ghislaine Maxwell is being quarantined after a prison worker tested positive for Covid-19 (via REUTERS)

Ghislaine Maxwell has been sleeping with a sock on her face to stop herself from being woken up by prison guards shining a light into her cell every 15 minutes.

The revelation was shared by the socialite’s lawyers, who said she is also using a towel to cover her face when she doesn’t have a sock available.

Ms Maxwell’s attorney David Markus made the claim during a hearing for her appeal against her third bail refusal, which was rejected by federal judge Alison Nathan last month.

Judge Nathan has denied all three applications despite Ms Maxwell putting up a £21 million bail package, vowing to relinquish her British and French citizenship and offering to go under 24 hour a day armed guard.

She said that “no combination” of factors would ensure that Ms Maxwell would not flee the country and considered her a flight risk.

During the hearing in New York, the judges questioned why Ms Maxwell was having a light shone in her cell every 15 minutes.

Assistant US Attorney Lara Pomerantz said: “The light is not being shined into her eyes, it’s being shined into the ceiling so (prison) guards can check on her security and that she uses some sort of makeshift mask to cover her eyes.”

One of the judges asked: “She is allowed an eye mask that secures around her head? So it closes off light from her eyes?”

Ms Pomerantz responded: “My understanding is that’s not what she has, she uses some sort of material to cover her eyes?”

One of the judges described it as a “makeshift eyewear or eye mask” and Ms Pomerantz agreed.

Addressing the court, Mr Markus, argued that Ms Maxwell is being treated unfairly.

“The government has used the word routine to say how Miss Maxwell is being treated.

“There’s absolutely nothing routine about it. She’s being treated differently than any other inmate ever in that institution,” he said.

“The idea she has an eye mask that wraps around her head to block out the light is wrong.

“She tries to use either a sock or a towel to block out the light on her own, it’s not wrapped around her head. You can imagine trying to keep that on your eyes at night so the guards don’t wake you every 15 minutes.”

Mr Markus said all Ms Maxwell wants is a “fair shot” to prepare for her trial and a “good night’s sleep.”

The judges said they would reserve their decision to a later date.

Ms Maxwell was arrested a year after Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in a Manhattan prison.

Ms Maxwell has denied sex trafficking of a minor, sex trafficking conspiracy and perjury among other charges.

Judge Nathan is expected to rule soon on whether her trial will be delayed from July when it is currently scheduled to take place.

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