'Ghost' face seen peering from Glasgow school window as picture captures spooky moment

The 'ghost' face appears in the left window
-Credit: (Image: Martin Monaghan)

A picture taken looking down on an abandoned Glasgow school appears to show a ghost-like face looking through the skylight.

The image was snapped from above Golfhill School in Dennistoun of the windows situated above the main hall. On closer inspection there appears to be a pale face looking through the left window.

The outline of a nose, eyes and mouth can clearly be spotted through the glass of the east end school.

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Martin Monaghan, who posted the image on social media, explained it is impossible for anyone to reach the skylights without scaffolding.

He told Glasgow Live: "It’s creeped me right out as this has happened before.

"You can’t get to those windows inside so that adds to the creepy vibes. It’s even more spooky looking at different angles as the image doesn’t appear."

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This isn't the first time an alleged ghost figure has appeared on the site. In January 2020, a snap posted online of the derelict East End school sparked conversation online after the face of an 'old woman' was seen looking through the window.

An image from inside Golfhill school of the skylight
An image from inside Golfhill school of the skylight

The site, which has been derelict since 2007, is rumoured to be haunted by a young girl who wanders the halls.

Who knows if this is the last we have seen of the ghost face at Golfhill School. Can you see the face? Let us know in the comments below.

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