Ghost in the Shell's anime origins revisited at House of Illustration exhibition

Jessie Thompson

Fans of the Scarlett Johansson-starring sci-fi blockbuster Ghost in the Shell have a treat waiting at the House of Illustration. The gallery are opening the UK’s first ever exhibition of background illustrations from classic sci-fi anime films.

Ghost in the Shell was originally made as an anime film in 1995, with a sequel (Ghost in the Shell: Innocence) released in 2008. The film was remade as a live action film starring Johansson and released in cinemas last weekend.

It is regarded as a classic of the genre, having gone on to influence sci-fi epics including The Matrix and Avatar. The show ALSO features paintings and illustrations from classic anime films like Metropolis and Akira.

The pictures are fascinating not just for their insight into the creative minds that imagine alternative universes, but for their reflections on what the future might look like.

Given that they document anime films from the last 25 years, the exhibition is also able to chart the evolution of the genre.

Anime Architecture: Backgrounds of Japan is at House of Illustration from May 26 - September 10;