Ghost ship from Africa washes up in Ireland after Storm Dennis

Radhika Aligh
The abandoned cargo ship the MV Alta: PA

A ghost ship which went adrift a year ago has washed ashore in Ireland thanks to the power of Storm Dennis.

MV Alta, originally from Tanzania, was spotted near Ballycotton, in County Cork, by a member of the public on Sunday.

It is believed it washed up on the southwest coast of Ireland as a result of Storm Dennis over the weekend.

The vessel first made news in September 2018 when the US coastguard rescued 10 crew members 1,380 miles southeast of Bermuda.

The abandoned cargo ship the MV Alta (PA)

It was then spotted again on September 3 last year when the Royal Navy's ice patrol ship tweeted that its crew had spotted Alta in the Mid-Atlantic.

Waterford Coast Guard shared a video of the abandoned vessel on its Facebook saying: “Tasked earlier today to a vessel aground near Ballycotton, Cork. Thankfully there was nobody onboard today.”

Engineers and senior officials from Cork Country Council will inspect the 80-metre cargo vessel while it remains aground in Ireland.

According to RTE, a pollution risk assessment will be carried out, but it is not believed to pose any immediate concern given the length of time the ship has been adrift.

Following the assessment, the contractor will board the vessel at the next suitable opportunity, which is expected to be at low tide tomorrow at around 7am, the council has said.

Members of the public have been warned to stay away as the cargo vessel is stranded on a dangerous stretch of the coastline.

The council said further information will be made available as soon as possible on Tuesday.