Ghost of Tsushima movie director says the script is done and "we're very close to getting our s**t together on that"

 Ghost of Tsushima.
Ghost of Tsushima.

Chad Stahelski has given a promising update on the Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation he's directing.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Stahelski revealed that, not only is a finished script in the studio's hands, but the creative team is apparently close to moving forward with the project amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes.

"We have a script, we're very close to getting our shit together on that, as well," Stahelski said. "Development is always tricky. It's studios, it's strikes, and availabilities, and scouting. You have to will things into existence. I think the two things that I am closest and most interested in are Highlander and Ghost of Tsushima. Both amazing, amazing properties, the story of Ghost is, also, one of my favorite properties of all time."

Of course, the director is talking in pretty vague terms here, but it's good to hear such an encouraging update regardless. The last we heard about it was in August when Stahelski revealed that the full movie will be in Japanese. Back in March, he said he hopes to "not only live up to but exceed" the game's visuals, which is an extremely high bar to set for one's self.

The adaptation was first announced back in March of 2021. There's still no release date or window, but this latest update from Stahelski definitely makes it sound like it won't be too much longer before we learn that information.

Only time will tell whether the Ghost of Tsushima flick joins the ranks of the best video game movies of all time.