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We Have a Ghost fans' surprising response to filmNetflix

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Over the weekend Netflix dropped their newest film We Have a Ghost starring Anthony Mackie, David Harbour and Jennifer Coolidge. We Have a Ghost is very much about what it says in the name, a family finds a ghost in their home, and the aftermath is a little unexpected. Whilst you would expect fans to find a film like this funny, maybe even a little scary, many viewers have had quite a surprising reaction to the movie.

In We Have a Ghost Kevin (Jahi Winston) discovers they have a ghost in their family home called Ernest, played by David Harbour. When Kevin's father Frank (Anthony Mackie) finds out about Ernest, he decides to try and make the ghost go viral and sets up a YouTube account documenting the ghost. However, as Ernest and Kevin, along with the help of Kevin's neighbour Joy, dig deeper into Ernest's past, they soon find themselves in trouble with the CIA.

we have a ghost viewers' reaction

Viewers of the film have been sharing their reaction to the film since it dropped last week (24th February) and many are saying they've found We Have a Ghost surprisingly heartwarming and emotional.

One person tweeted: "Fully didn’t expect to sob at the end of We Have a Ghost."

Another agreed tweeting: "Just watched We Have a Ghost on Netflix, was surprised how heartfelt and sweet it was! Definitely recommend."

And another said: "We Have a Ghost managed to be funny and incredibly sad at the same time. David Harbour only utters one word during the whole movie, and yet managed to make me cry. Brilliant actor. Loved it."

Now, this is not to say films about ghosts and the supernatural can't be heartfelt, but it's generally not the reaction people have to them.

However, given the very cute ending of Frank reuniting ghost Ernest with his daughter June and that very emotional montage scene of the human Ernest and June interacting when she was a child, it's no wonder everyone was in tears by the end of the film.

Don't mind us, just wiping away a tear here.

We Have a Ghost is available on Netflix now

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