Giant '3D' cat stares down at onlookers from giant billboard in Tokyo, Japan

A giant seemingly 3D cat amazed passing shoppers from an electronic billboard in Tokyo on July 9. Footage shows the giant calico kitty staring down at the pedestrians in the Japanese capital, looking like it might jump down onto them. It repeats the movement several times each hour. The screen is 154.7 square metres in size and has the latest 4K image quality. It sits near the top of the Cross Shinjuku Vision building at Shinjuku train station, the busiest train station in the world. At 7am in the morning, local time, the cat stands awake on the screen and later in the evening the cat slowly falls asleep on its paws before the screen finally shuts at 1am. The giant cat has been displayed since last month before being officially launched on July 12.

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