Giant ‘Godzilla-like’ lizard scales homeowner's window in Florida

A man was horrified to find a giant ‘Godzilla-like’ lizard trying to get into his home through the patio windows.

Frank Crowder found the large monitor lizard clawing at the outer screen of a window on his front porch.

The large reptile can be seen peering into the house in Apopka, Florida, USA, after scaling the mesh screen using its claws before falling down.

Frank’s mother, Jocelyn Penson, uploaded the clip to her Facebook after her son sent her the clip.

She said: “Look at this! Look at what came to pay [Frank] a visit today!

“It looks like Godzilla to me. Needless to say, I won’t be visiting him anytime soon.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that none of the nine species of monitor lizards found in Florida are native to the state.

They are often pets that have been released into the wild once they grew too large for their owners.

This video was filmed on 12/09/22.