Giant mural appears on side of pub as readers point out 'Banksy would get away with it'

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Coventry Live readers have been discussing the recent legal wrangle involving a pub landlord and his historic inn's mural.

The Bull's Head landlord Martin Peel paid a local artist £1,200 to have the 8ft mural displayed on the side of the 400 year old Grade II-listed Bull's Head pub in Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire.

The artwork was completed in April and Mr Peel says it was a big hit with visitors to the pub in the picturesque village of Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire. However, last week Mr Peel, 52, received a letter from Stratford District Council stating it violated planning rules for listed properties.

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The father-of-two, who has run the 16th-century pub for three years, has four weeks to paint over the giant Hereford bull or face legal action. Mr Peel, who runs the pub with his partner Omm, 43, said: "It's a beautiful pub and the painting just communicates what we do."

"It was meant to be eye-catching and a bit of fun while respecting the heritage of the building. It's an impressive structure. It's historic but a lot of people think we're just a big house which can be confusing for people. We feel it's a mural that works in line with the era of the heritage. We take the heritage very seriously."

Artist Phil Taylor, who has put his signature on signs for 40 years, painted the painting. Echoing Mr Peel's sentiments, numerous residents rallied around him, stating the painting helps "put the village on the map."

One resident, Jim, expressed his disappointment: "It's a real shame someone living here has moaned to the council for no reason. This person has probably never even set foot inside the Bull. If they had they'd see what an amazing job Martin and Omm are doing."

Many readers such as Bob247 support the mural: "Fair play to the landlord of the pub. If they say take it down all public house should just not pay council services again, as if all public houses stopped paying they soon listen, get banksy to sign it."

Ccfc1 agreed: "Looks great!"

J T replied: "Would Banksy get away with it? Wars famine cost of living crisis, now this! Come on councils get a grip of what’s really important for goodness sake!"

However Jerrymyer is against the mural: "What a moron."

Tallis added: "Looks chavtastic to me."

However 2414 said: "Looks fantastic, the landlord should be praised by the brewery."

Along with Wb38, who commented: "It looks great. It isn't as if it is a permanent scar or massively out of character."

Stratford District Council refused to comment on the case, with a spokesperson saying: "Unfortunately we don't comment on live enforcement cases."

So do you like the mural or believe the council are right in chasing for it to be removed? Let us know in the comments below or HERE.

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