Giant Schnoodle Surprises Owner by Squeezing Through Tiny Cat Flap

A dog owner in Tualatin, Oregon, thought she’d found the perfect solution to prevent her puppy from getting into her children’s bedroom – but the pooch had other ideas.

Jaime Cedarlin installed a pet gate with a small cat flap in a bid to stop her six-month old giant schnoodle, Cassie, from getting in and chewing up the kids’ stuff.

Cassie, however, continued to get into their room, much to the disbelief of her owner – who was surprised to find Cassie was using the cat flap.

Video shows Cassie, who said weighs around 50 pounds, squeeze her way through the flap after Cedarlin prompted her with a piece of ham.

“The pet door was left open for our cat, Nonni, to get through. I certainly didn’t expect Cassi to make it through,” Cedarlin said. Credit: Jaime Cedarlin via Storyful

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